Two Chick Tea and Olde Thyme Magick make no medical claims as to the wonderful properties of the herbs used in the teas.  They can not diagnose, cure, treat or prevent illness or disease.  The teas are not to be used by anyone who is pregnant, nursing or currenlty has gallstones without first consulting their physician.  You are encouraged to seek the advice of a health care practicioner before starting any weight loss program.  Claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.

*Suxtabee Fat Potion Ingredients:

Chickory Root, Dandelion Root, Hibiscus Flower, Yellow Dock Root, Sarsaparilla, Nettles, Astralagus, Gotu Kola, Gymnema, Sylvestre, Cleavers and a proprietory blend of Thermogenic Spices that help beef up fat burning.

Contains ingredients that are considered natural Diurectics, Energy Boosters (No Caffeine!), Natural Appetite Suppressants, Detoxifiers and herbs that help increase Circulation.  Created by a Certified Medicinal Herbalist.

*Suxtabee Old Potion Ingredients:

Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Ginkgo, Lemon Balm, Meadowsweet, Nettle Leaf, Peppermint, Sarsaparilla, Tulsi and Wild Yam Root.

*Suxtabee Stupid Potion Ingredients:

Astralagus, Dandelion Leaf, Gingko Biloba, Gotu Kola, Lotus Leaf, Tulsi and Raspberries.