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Dear Friends,

Blessed Greetings!  So glad you stopped by...

I was just sitting down for a cup of tea when I noticed you had arrived.  Please do browse, as I am very excited to finally be able to share all of my magickal secrets and wares with you.  After 20 years of Earth-based study, I figured it was time to open the door to my cozy cottage and let you step inside to experience the Magick for yourself.  I continue to be guided by the Power of the Moon, as it's energy whirls and swirls around us, waiting to be directed in a way that helps us achieve our grandest Dreams.  Herbs, gemstones, essential oils, color correspondents, astrological attributes... all of these hold the key in helping us to unlock the Greatest Version of Ourselves.  Magick is nothing more than the Power of Intention, magnified by the use of Earth-based tools.  Come, take my hand, the possibilites of your True Self are waiting just around the corner...  

​                                             With Warmest Regards, 

​                                                Hagethena Mugwort        

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